September 9, 2009

Look who came to visit.

Since we adopted a new dog we don't get many visitors like this anymore, but one afternoon last week this cute little fella was brave enough to come up to the house and have a look around.
Once we realised that he was in a tree right next to our house we caught Alfie and tied him up so he couldn't get to the Koala. He wasn't frightened of us at all.....I think in some strange way he knew we were protecting him from the dog, we were so close we could have touched him! I hope he comes back!
Onto another subject, I finished two Tea Sets that look like this yesterday, very pretty. I hope the lovely lady that ordered this one loves it as much as I do.
That's all I have to share today....thanks for visiting.


passion4pink said...

Oh I just don't know now?? I like the funky orange & fushia pink but then I like the vintagy blue n pink too. They are both really nice. Love the cute t bags. I miss the koalas since i left Gunny. We would see them from one time or another but we wouldn't be game to go too close as they have some nice claws to use when they feel threatened, as cute as they are.

Mazza said...

I love these tea sets! If I have any money left after my trip to America I will order one, my God Daughter would love it. Take care. MP

Tracey said...

they all all look so good you are very clever Brenda. Happy Birthday for the other day looks like you had a great day.


Jodi said...

Oh so yummy!! Love this one!!!
Im like Vicki but, how do you decide!!!

Susan said...

This is my favorite so far! Oh, but I do love the hot pink and orange! Blessings!

Penny said...

To answer your question Brenda....YES!!! Of course I love it!!! It is perfect - and arrived so quickly as well. THANK YOU - you are one clever