September 10, 2009

They're coming to get me!!!

Well that's what I thought when I looked out my window this morning and saw this......
Yep men in white suits are coming to get the crazy lady that makes felt food for fun! Then I had a closer look and noticed a truck load of big white boxes........bee hives! Great, now not only do we have to be careful of the big snakes around here but now we have to watch out for the bee swarms!!
Did you get your copy of this months Scrapbook Creations?
I got a text message from Jodi earlier today letting me know that I was in it! I had no idea that it was going to be in this month so it was a real nice surprise to see my article for "Artist in the Spotlight" finally published.
This layout "How Dare You" would have to be my all time favourite layout.
Ryan was a little embarrassed when he saw his picture in the magazine, he thought all his mates were going to see it, then I explained that 9 year old boys don't read Scrapbook Creations! "Yeah but their mother do", he screamed back at me.
Well I gotta say I had a great day even though I woke up to strange men in white suits! How was your day?
See ya later XXX


Anonymous said...

way to go Brenda.....Meg

Jodi said...

Those men in white suits must have been a bit freaky!!! I saw all that canola in flower when i was at your place the other day!! Looks awesome, so the bees are going to be feasting on it are they!! Great!!!
Your a famous scrapbooker now!! yay!!
Better get scrapping again then.... good start on Tuesday!!

Jackie / Kate said...

yay....Congrats Breanda. Best go & buy my copy tomoz..

Pamela said...

Congrats Brenda.....I will have to grab a copy...not often I know someone

Jules the Bling Princess said...

Fantastic Brenda! I saw the article today when I finally got some time to flip through the mag. Way to go, girl! Just love Ryan's reaction and answer - he's quick off the mark!!! (-: Too funny! This scrapper will be ordering some of those felt goodies from the crazy scrapper soon. (-:

pipprosser said...

How exciting to see your work in print, congratulations ... haven't bought that mag for a while so will have to have a look at the newsagent ... your cupcakes look delicious ... have a good day, Pip