September 29, 2009

Lots of Bees!

I woke this morning to more bee hives being delivered by the men in white suit's, I was okay with this until I got home from town at lunch time only to find my house covered in bees! Apparently they came up to the house looking for water and I've been told this is going to be the case for the next couple of days! So I'm thinking that I'm going to have to use the clothes dryer and the animals water is to be kept on the veranda, most importantly the kids are going to have to stay inside!
These little fellas are multiplying too!
They aren't quite as pesky as the bees though!
Had my car cleaned by a professional this morning, so I hope there aren't any more dust storms in the near future. I only wish I could go outside and hose the dust off the house now.......will have to wait until the bees buzz off!!!
Hope you are having a happy day!

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Stephanie and Carlos said...

I love the colours in your blog!!! and your fabric and your end creations...

xo Steph