September 27, 2009

Cooking Lesson.

The kids wanted a few pancakes this morning so I let Megan have a go at it, I don't usually let her near the stove but she's got to learn some time.
Megan is tall enough that if she's careful she shouldn't burn her arm on the edge of the pan. Don't know how but she managed to burn the tip of her finger.....I told her I'd take her picture and put it on my blog if she stopped crying, it worked in an instant!
Here are a couple more Journal Covers I made on Friday night, this time it was much easier and the overall finish was much neater. What do you think?
I think you shoud all go and visit Melissa she's been sewing up a storm....gorgeous outfits for her daughter and the most delightful fabrics.
Hope you all had a great weekend....thanks for stopping by.


passion4pink said...

Well Done Megan, those are perfect pancakes aren't they!!Little chef on the rise!! Those journals look good too mum.

Lisa A said...

Love those journal covers, and maybe when Megan is done making those pancakes, you could send her down here to Newcastle to make me some.....

Jackie / Kate said...

Books are cute...are you making them in A6 size too??