September 25, 2009

Trial Run.

Can you guess what this is?
Next time I try one of these I'm going to find a pattern and some instructions somewhere instead of thinking " Yeah that's simple I can do that no trouble ", well that would have been the case if I didn't want to try and do a few extra things to it!
Like put a big orange button and a piece of elastic on it to keep it nicely shut! ( I only had white elastic in my stash, thinking I should buy some black )
Put a specially co-ordinated pocket on the inside cover to keep something with which to write ( or scribble ) anything your heart desires!
Did I mention it's fully lined and has a layer of padding all the way through to make it feel nice and soft!
Walla! My first Journal Cover! I plan on making a big stack of these ( not all the same ) they would make a great gift for someone special, they have an A5 book inside so they are small enough to pop in your handbag.
Here is another Tea Set.....Pink and Lime.
I did make Tea Bags to go with the set I just forgot to take a picture of them.
Look how cute it is when teamed with some co-ordinating cupcakes.......delightful!
I made two of these one of which is already taken so if you want the other one you know the drill! And if you don't know the drill just send me an email.....first in best dressed!
Happy Friday everyone!!


Susan said...

I can't believe how quickly you craft such beautiful things every day! Love the coordinating cupcakes!
Has the dust settled? Have been thinking of you. Hope your skies are clearing!
Thank you for your prayers for my Dad. He may be coming home today!

Jackie / Kate said...

Love the book idea... might just have to invest in one of those for my bag !!

Anonymous said...

Looking good Brenda.....Meg

Julie said...

Books are in my pile of 'things to do'. I have the books and fabric, just need to find the time at this stage. They look so lovely! Love the pink and lime Tea set :)
Enjoy your weekend!