October 7, 2009

78 Sleeps!

Can you believe that there is only 78 Sleeps until Christmas! I noticed that all the Christmas decorations have been appearing in the shops for a few weeks now.....some of them are real pretty, but as usual I wanted to have a go at making some of my own!
These are my snowflakes!
All lovingly hand stitched!
I plan on making a big stack of these ( I've got a feeling these are going to be popular ), I might try a few different colour combinations and see how they look. What are your favourite Christmas colours?
I might also try and make a few other types of Christmas ornaments like, little birds etc. If you want some of these gorgeous snow flakes I'll make you some.......$6 each. Compare that price with some of the alternatives in the shops at the moment and I think you've got a beautiful hand made bargain!
Did you know that real snow flakes have six arms not five.....something to do with crystals and how they form symmetrically! My snow flakes have mutated into stars although they do carry some of the characteristics of a real one.....no two snow flakes are the same!
So there you go!
I finished a few more A5 journal covers yesterday........need to make a few more in different colours and sizes real soon!
School holidays are in full swing as most of you know, the kids have been having a great time doing as they please. They helped Mark cook a big fish for dinner the other night.....I'm still finding scales all over my kitchen!
Although I love having the kids at home for the holidays I'm not enjoying the fact that when they are playing out in the yard that there is always some danger, danger of being bitten by a big brown snake!
On Saturday when I got out of the car to shut the gate I nearly stepped on a big brown snake, I jumped back in the car that quick that I left my shoes on the road just 30cm from the snake. After a bit of smart circle work Mark squished it with the car.....thank goodness.
I had another encounter yesterday when driving out of the house gate with a big snake, I tried to run him over but I'm not as good at Mark when it comes to circle work so he got away. I don't know why all these deadly snakes want to come and live around my house..... I wish they'd all go back in their holes and stay there!


Kirsty said...

Those stars are so lovely!

Julie said...

Brenda they are beautiful!
I am a bit of a pink and blue deco girl these past few years... not sure what I will do this year...

Tracey said...

Love the stars They look great

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

Love the stars, oops snowflakes....but I really didnt need the reminder of how close xmas is!!

Karen McLauchlan said...

Gorgeous work as always...I have 2 gilrs aged 6 & 7 who are both saving every penny of their pocket money to buy their special cousin who is Autistic one of your stunning tea sets as a Christmas Present.
On the note of Christmas, would you make a set of 4 snow flakes?? I have 4 children and every year they get a new christmas ornament for the tree.
I would much rather to see your stunning work hanging on my christmas tree, than some cheap and nasty thing that won't likely last the season.
Thanks again for sharing your stunning work....and on the note of the horrible snakes, stay safe!! Mwah Karen xox