October 23, 2009

A Grasshopper and Polka Dots.

You never know what kind of creatures you are going to find around our house from one day to the next. Most of the little creatures Megan finds she wants to keep as pets ( yay for that ), just like she wanted to keep this big grasshopper after finding him on our veranda. I didn't want anymore ( things ) living in our house in containers so thankfully I convinced her to let it go on its merry way.

Take a real close look at the detail on this fellow......truly amazing!
I cut out some tea sets yesterday but only got to finish one.......
This one is real pretty.............if you want it just let me know.
I bought some more spotty fabric yesterday and got a little excited about all the things I could do with it so I went back again this morning for some more......everything is about to be covered with polka dots so stay tuned for that!
Hope you all have a creative weekend!


Jodi said...

Love this pink one!!

Jackie / Kate said...

The tea set looks great ..... I LOVE LOVE LOVE polka dots !!!

Kate said...

I love the polka dots but not so keen on the grasshopper.
Your tea sets are gorgeous.
Have a great weekend

passion4pink said...

Your teasets are really pretty, this pink one's cute. They should be a real hit for christmas!!