October 25, 2009

My Place And Yours - Bedside

Pip from "Meet Me at Mikes" has a weekly thing called "My Place And Yours", this weeks theme is " Bedside".
Here is my bedside table ( I removed the dust bunnies first - too embarrassing ). There's usually a great stack of magazines only I cleaned them all up a week ago and put them onto another stack of magazines in the bookcase!

I like to keep something to read just before sleep ( Eclipse doesn't really help me sleep it just keeps me wanting more ) and a few things which I think look pretty, like one of my favourite necklaces and a giant silver apple, and most precious of all a picture of the little darlings!
Now it's time to be honest! Yes I did have to clean the dust bunnies before I took the picture but I also removed one thing, a roll of toilet paper! It's not on my bedside table for any other reason other than I'm not about to let my family wipe themselves with a roll of toilet paper worth $11.95, and I want to keep it somewhere safe until Christmas because I think I will put it in my mothers Christmas stocking, I know she'll get a real kick out of it because it has a barbed wire pattern on it! ( My mum likes novelty things )
So there you have it, my bedside table. If you want to join in head on over to Pip's and have some fun!


Anonymous said...

That dish almost looks like it is full of jelly beans! Yum! Now that would make for sweet dreams

Kate said...

I agree with you about the Twilight books, do not read them just before bed or you will never put them down to go to sleep. I think I read the whole series in about 2 weeks.

passion4pink said...

Like that silver apple!!I am drawn to everything either silver or glass lately, very strange??

beck said...

How funny, that toilet paper is hilarious! I am so jealous of your book, I have been trying to get hold of a copy but every one else seems to have bought them! Oh well, something to look forward to! xo

marian said...

very neat & inviting..how about that toilet roll, is it really that price, incredible!!