October 10, 2009

Guitars and Snowflakes.

On Thursday I took the kids over to Tamworth to go see a movie, afterwards we drove over to the Golden Guitar to take a look. I don't know how many times we have driven past this thing and never stopped, so I thought it was about time!
Here we are in the country music capital of Australia.
Something strange happened to the kids, all of a sudden they thought they were plying Guitar Hero's!
Or is that Air Guitar?
They rocked!
And they rolled!
Eventually I had to stop them as there were other nice people waiting to take a few pictures of their own!
I made a few more snowflakes, I'm really liking this colour combination.........red pink and purple look great together.
As do blue red and purple.
Or this!
Or why not hang them all together........my little display ( in preparation for the Christmas markets ) is really coming together.
Just remember if you think that some of these beautifully hand stitched snowflakes would look good on your Christmas tree send me an email with your order.
Have a happy weekend.


Leeann Pearce said...

Hey Brenda.... Wow you snowflakes look awesome ..love the air guitar moves by the kids.... and yes i read all about you in the latest SC mag...loved your LOs..I just learnt how to do a french knot...which has me all excited i love learning new things... not that it's that hard but I had always want to know how... guess they will be popping up on lots of my LO's now..lol...thanks for popping by.

Kate said...

Love love love those snowflakes, such lovely colours. And I think London could do with a giant guitar, we're very jelous.
Have a great week