October 14, 2009


The kids have been keeping themselves busy during the school holidays, about a week ago I cut a length of rope and strung it up in Megan's room, hung a sheet over the top and made a tent......Megan has been sleeping in it ever since!
I few years ago Santa gave Megan a gorgeous bike but Megan for some reason wasn't really interested in learning to ride it, she was quite happy to get around on her scooter. A few days ago she saw one of her little friends riding her bike ( without trainers ) and all of a sudden she thought it's about time to learn, so she went home, made Dad take off the trainers and off she went! Yes that's right....off she went! Only problem now is that she has already out grown her bike......she said it was okay she would just get Santa to get her another one!
She is so proud of herself, I've even caught her outside riding around in her pj's before breakfast, and racing against Ryan.........somehow I think that's going to end in disaster if she doesn't slow down!
Yesterday we went Ten Pin Bowling.
Sorry about the picture quality.....I took these pictures on my phone.
There were nine of us in total and it was a great activity for the kids during the holidays......everyone had a good laugh!
After all that we had Pizza for lunch and did a bit of shopping.
Guess what I did last night? Scrapbooking!! I haven't done any in quite a while and it was heaps of fun to pull out all my bits and pieces and create a layout! Would love to share but you're going to have to wait a while for that!
Okay, I'm off to clean my fridge ( yay so excited ) and I think I'll have a glass of wine while I'm going!
Back real soon with something creative!

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Amanda said...

Your kiddos are adorable!