October 21, 2009

Hot and Not.....

  • A cold orange from the fridge for an afternoon snack.
  • I've nearly finished two tea sets today!
  • This site is hot.....loads of inspiration!
  • Bought some fabric on Etsy yesterday for less than half the price I could have bought it here in Australia! That's nearly too hot to touch!


  • Discovering that one of my children has carved their name in my very large green candle which cost me $30......not happy.
  • Not wanting to go ouside because of the snakes.......I found a dead one down at the gate a while ago.
  • People who think it's okay to stand in my personal space at the checkout....it creeps me out!
  • Trying to get a seven year old to do her homework when it's clear all she wants to do is go outside and ride her bike! If you want to see more of What's Hot and What's Not go and visit Loobylu.

1 comment:

Claire said...

Love your lists!
The personal space at the checkout happened to me the day before yesterday - the old man just said "don't mind me!" when I gave him a startled look as he encroached... and then he commented on how much I had to carry... NOT hot. thanks for playing along this week! xx