October 20, 2009

Snakes and Stripes.

Here is a picture of our luscious Lulu in one of her favourite spots to catch a bit of sun in the early mornings! This morning while I was hanging out some washing on the clothes line I saw Lulu playing with something, I watched for a little while thinking that she may have caught a bird or a mouse..............a snake! There she was playing with it while it was striking at her, I called Lulu away from the snake and back to the house.......away from dangerous toys!
Don't anyone panic she didn't get bitten, but if that toy she was playing with comes any closer to the house it's going to meet my shovel!
This Tea Set was a special order for a lady here in town, she chose this fabric because it matches her kitchen blinds..........did I mention stripes are really hard to work with when creating something round like a ball!
I had a few sleepless nights thinking about this one.........in the end I knew I'd just have to do it and not worry how I was going to tackle it! I think it turned out okay.......not really my "cup of tea" ( ha ha ha that was too funny )but I know she'll love it!
I going to cut out some more tea sets that have SPOTS not STRIPES ready to put together for the Christmas Markets in Goondiwindi to be held on November 28. My first markets.....feeling a bit nervous.


Jodi said...

i LOVE those black and white stripes~~
I think you might end up making some more of these ones... they are adorable!!!
Remind me to get you my order book too!! Mine is just about full now!! lol

Leah said...

Can't wait to see the polka dots! You did have me worried, our cat was bitten by a snake it's very scary and very expensive at the vets! He definately used his 9 lives ♥

Penny said...

Oh gosh, yes - stripes would have been tricky! Great job Brenda.

My goodness - it's snakes alive at your house! Thankfully I haven't spotted any around here just yet....