November 18, 2009

I took a little break!

It's been a few days since I blogged.........naughty aren't I? I'm sorry I think my mojo just needed a few days break to recharge find a little inspiration and get back into it again!

On the weekend we all went swimming and fishing at this perfect little waterhole along the river.
It was great.......the kids swam and explored for hours.
The water wasn't too deep which was good.
A perfect place to sit, relax and cool off.
Megan heard some scratching on one of the huge river gums and thought it must have been a Koala....upon investigation we all discovered it was a massive goanna! He was only a few metres from where we set up our picnic, but he just stayed nice and still and watched us for an hour or two.

We tried for quite some time to catch a fish but found it a little hard with Megan around! She doesn't know the meaning of the words "quiet please", and she couldn't resist splashing in the water constantly.
Did I mention how beautiful this spot was...........I think we're going to go back and camp at some stage, hopefully the goanna will have moved on by then!
It was just on dark when we finally got the kids out of the water........a huge afternoon.
Ryan wants to go back again next weekend an try to catch a fish to eat for dinner........ That's OK as long as I don't have to clean it up, yuk!
Hope you are all staying cool!


Susan said...

What a beautiful spot! Looks like your family had a wonderful time. :) We're "keeping cool" here alright! I woke up this morning to frost on the pumpkins!

Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

What a gorgeous spot. Love the goanna.