December 21, 2009

Another Huge Weekend!

My kids have a new!!! They spent last Thursday and Friday in the kitchen cooking up a storm, literally, you wouldn't believe the mess that was left. It's really great to know that they want to learn....great skill to have! They're even wanting to help with the dinner of a night time which is great except that they need to learn that when you get meat ( a ham specifically ) out of the freezer that if you don't want it you need to put it back in the freezer.....NOT IN THE PANTRY!!! Yep I found a whole ham DEFROSTED in the pantry!

Here is Megan with one of her creations.......don't you love the amount of choc chips she sprinkled on top? Clever Girl!!!
I love this!! This one of the many new belts I made for the markets.......of course I had to keep one for myself! I still have some little kids belts and mummy belts left, I will list them in my side bar after Christmas if you are interested.
The "50" on the belt is not the price it's the length in inches. The belts made for mums are 4cm wide and sell for $30 each.
The kids belts come in 25 inch and 24 inch lengths and are 2 - 2.5 cm wide, the sell for $15 and $18.
There are a few new colours which will be available soon so stay in touch for that one.
Another huge weekend over, the kids went down to my mothers and then over to our farm to do some cattle work, and I spent all day Saturday sewing like a mad-woman getting ready for the markets in Tamworth on Sunday, had a great I'm looking forward to a big rest.
Hope you are all ready for Christmas.


Susan said...

Girl, you deserve a rest! I can't believe the number of wonderful things you've made since I found your blog! I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas!

Mazza said...

Merry Christmas - I love the belts & have shown your site & creations to a few friends in Moree. Hope to see you again in 2010. Bye, MP

Pearlin J said...

I love the belts you have made! Happy New Year

Penny said...

HYN Brenda! Oh dear - what a mess those kidlets left you in the pantry!!! You have to forgive them tho - they are only tryingto be helpful....LOL!

BTW, have given you a blog award - visit my blog to receive it!

prashant said...

I love the belts & have shown your site

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