December 16, 2009

It's all a Blur!

The closer Christmas gets the crazier it is getting for me....everything is turning into one big blur! It's just after 6.30 am and I thought I'd pop in and say hello because I don't think that I'll have the chance to later on.

This weekend I'm going to have a stand at the big Tamworth's totally crazy considering I sold out of alot of goodies at the last markets and trying to cut and sew together enough to replenish my stand is exhausting!!!! I think I'll be alright though......if I don't have to go without power for another day that is!!! ( Country Energy have been doing lines maintenance ).

So, here is a little ( and I mean little ) of what I've been up to!
These gorgeous Owl Pincushions are so cute I'd really like to keep them all for the new year I'm going to give miniature ones a go.
I've managed to get some more kids belts done also........belts for the grown-up's will be done tomorrow I hope!
So that's me.....almost got it together, I've got a few orders to complete and things to post ( Jodie please send me your addy ) I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...........or is it just a hallucination?
Take care


Anonymous said...

I love the owls. Mine might need some brothers and sisters next year. They look terrific. Leone

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

the owls and the belts are darling, l wish you all the best and i wish you a Merry Christmas

Julie said...

Your time management skills must be amazing! :) They all look so good!
If I don't make it back to your blog, Have a wonderful Holiday season!
Cheers, Julie

Jodie Jackson said...

Hello Brenda,
I am trying to email you but I am having problems so I am hoping this message will get to you if the email doesn't. I will put money in your account tomorrow. The address is to me at 209 O'Shea Esplanade Machans Beach Cairns Q4878. I like the Blue owl but any colour will be great as they are all so adorable. Many Thanks Jodie