December 9, 2009

An Owl with a purpose!

About a week ago I received a lovely email from Leone about the cute little owl brooches in my banner......she was wondering if I could make her one only bigger so she could use it as a pincushion! Well you know me I'm always up for a challenge so I thought about it for a few days and on Sunday this is what I came up with................
Isn't this the cutest little pincushion you've ever seen?
The little fella even lets you stick him in the back as many times as you like.........doesn't complain too much!
Next thing I knew the little red one had cute all lined up, those big eyes just keep staring at me wondering if they are going to get more friends?
They aren't too tall, perfect to perch somewhere around your work area..........just to keep an eye on things!
They all have " Ouch" on their back just for fun.
You don't even have to use them as a pincushion if you don't want to. I'm selling these for $20 each.........the red one in this picture is gone but stay tuned because they are about to get a few more friends in different colours.
I'm off to cook dinner in this stinkin' heat wave/dust storm.........and then I'm going to stitch a few more goodies together.
Call back soon.


becclebee said...

your pin cushions are utterly adorable. but their eyes look so bright and calm - i would hate to actually stick a pin in one!

Susan said...

Hi Brenda!
I LOVE the "OUCH" on the back of your pin cushions! It gives your owls such personality! You're such a creative lady!
May I take your little brooch owls pic and set up a link on my sidebar?
Sorry for your dust storm! I am home from school today enjoying my first snow day of the year!

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

very cute pincushions!!

prashant said...

i would hate to actually stick a pin in one!

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