January 28, 2010

My Creative Space.

I've been busy creating these cute little owls ready to be posted to Tasmania tomorrow. I wish I had more time so I could make a few extra things I've been wanting to do but one person can only do so much!!

This is "Rose".
This is " Coco" and " Peanut"
I think that so far Coco is my favourite she is just so adorable and I hope that she along with all the other cuties find a real nice home!
I am going to make a few more of these little characters over the next few weeks all of which I'll put up for sale at "madeit.com" or "Etsy", I haven't decided which one to go with yet. Which one would you use?
This kids went back to school today and it's awful quiet around here.....feels strange! I know that it's going to get real busy after 3pm so I think I'll enjoy it while I can......maybe cut out a few more owls.
If you want to see more "Creative Spaces" head on over to Kootoyoo and have a look.


Kirsty said...

They are really lovely...I'm sure they'll sell well.

Kylie said...

Wow! They are just gorgeous :) K

plushka said...

Oh, I love, love, love them. So cute!!!

Jules the Bling Princess said...

You'll have no trouble selling them - so, so cute!!! Me, I'm an Etsy girl.

yardage girl said...

Very cute owls. I'm an Etsy girl too. Nic

june at noon said...

They're so cute. I love their sleepy little eyes.

anka said...

Do you mind if I don't ever leave your blog again? I looooove owls :D

Tricia said...

I want a cuddle :-)

They are so swet.