January 26, 2010

More Creations!!

Here is another new little friend I created yesterday.
Hello my name is "Sage", do you want to be my friend?
She doesn't talk much does she?
I'm a little bit talkative, I like to talk about all kinds of things......I could talk about me, or I could talk about you if you'd like, any subject would be fine!
My name is " Mustard", I don't talk much, I just like to listen!! I like listening........maybe I could listen to you!
And so they became friends!
As promised here are a few of my sisters " Tin Animal" creations!
Some of these creations are all around her yard.......these pictures really don't do them justice!!
These creations are on the side of her studio.
Look great don't they? She creates items that are more portable than the ones on her walls such as these ones......
Dogs, sheep, cattle, horses, chickens.......for something different in your garden!
That's about all I have time for today, thanks for visiting!


Kate said...

Those owls are fabulous! I love how you have done their eyes. I've been screen printing owls today.

Tricia said...

My daughter and I have fallen in love with little sage...about to send you an email :-)