February 16, 2010


I started working on one of these on the weekend and had to change my game plan a little.......sooooo glad I did! I am totally smitten with the way my ampersand cushion turned out!!!
Beautiful natural coloured linen.
Just in case you were wondering the entire design was hand stitched on by moi.
Very time consuming but totally worth the effort. I even put a zipper in the back so it can be carefully hand washed!
I am working on a few more designs as we speak.......will share very soon. If you think you would like one of these let me know by email.
To end today's post I want to share a picture of one of our chooks.....she has been sitting on 19, yes that's right 19 eggs for 16 to 17 days now, so here's hoping we get some little chicks very soon!
If they all hatch she is going to be one busy mumma!!
Have a happy day!


Jodi said...

Words fail me Brenda!! Its adorable!

Jackie / Kate said...

This one would have to be one of my faves... absolutely gorgeous. You are one clever girl xx

passion4pink said...

Ooooh!I like it!

Julie said...

That is stunning! You are one patient woman. Embroidery is not for me, so jealous of those that have that skill! :)