March 17, 2010

More Bunnies!

Now my Pirate Bunny has a bit of competition....... the form of a female Pirate Bunny and a Fair Maiden Bunny.
I used up some of those crochet flowers I made a while back just to pretty up the girly bunnies.
Now all I have to do is tag and price them for the markets in Tamworth on Sunday!


Little Ted Canvas said...

They look gorgeous! Hope the market is a great success!

Julie said...

Brenda they are soooo lovely!

I am tempted to try my bits at the Armidale Farmers Markets this Sunday... I just have 3 days of 'paid employment' in my way... :)

You amaze me with the quality of your creations and the quantity your produce! Fantastic!!! Hope the markets are a wonderful day for you x

Donna Wilson said...

Ooh, I love them... Are you only selling these at the markets ??

Valerie said...

Your work is so... whaw! Everything looks spectacular, special, colorful… outstanding work! Congratulations. All the best for the Market.