March 13, 2010

Tweet Tweet!

Yesterday I made a few little birds, I made similar ones at about Christmas time but this time I adjusted the pattern a little so I could make them out of linen instead of felt.
I found some old twigs and hung them up to see how they looked.......when I walked into the room this morning the whole thing looked so pretty with a little sun shining on it! It looked like a mass of cherry blossoms.
I need to cut out a few more and get crackin' as I still have heaps of things I want to achieve over the next week.
I might even try and string a few of the birds together with a little bell and see how it looks.....providing I can find a bell in time.
Ok I've got to go, we've just finished cricket for the day and now we have to go to a Rugby training afternoon.......lucky me I got canteen duty!!
Thanks for stopping by.


Little Ted Canvas said...

They look gorgeous! I like the idea of them all together on a string too...

Natalie said...

I'm loving these! They look absolutely awesome all hung up on the tree like that.
I found your blog through Leeann Pearce and couldn't help but sign up to be a follower! I read through page after page of your blog and found lots of eye candy and inspiration. Thanks for sharing your designs - I love them all :)

Megan said...

those birds look wonderful all hanging in the branch like that - what a great idea, and so beautifully made as well

Leeann Pearce said...

Oh gosh there you go again with more yummies....I just wanted to say thank you for the award too... sorry i was away that weekend checking on the house in capel.... and can i say oatis is very happy in his new home... but now feels that some of his mates should be here too... so i guess i will be back for more owls!!! b-days coming up!!! thanks xx lee