March 29, 2010

Weekend Wrap!

On Friday night Megan had a little friend over for a sleep-over, so for breaky on Saturday morning we had Pink Pancakes...........a dose of food colouring is what every child needs to start the day...... NOT!!!
With all the Easter activities going on at school this week we decided to blow a few eggs and spend a few hours decorating. Take a look at the concentration on Megan's face, she was being so careful with her dots.
She put so much paint on her eggs that they took hours to dry.
Guess who got themselves a new helmet?
I think he would sleep with it on if we let him.
I still find it hard watching him on this thing, sometimes I prefer not to watch him at all because then I don't panic if I think he's going too fast. I'll leave the supervision thing up to Mark.
Hope you all had a great weekend.


Little Ted Canvas said...

Mmmm, pink pancakes yum! That egg decorating looks like great fun too. I think you'd have trouble getting me off that bike, no one else would have a chance - wooohooo!

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

pink pancakes sound really yummy! Cool helmet too, they grow up quick don't they.