April 26, 2010

Just Listed!

I've spent the morning taking pictures and listing these little beauties in my Etsy Store, bit of a time consuming process.......glad it's all done.
These are my "eat" pears.....super cute and a great gift, or just keep them for yourself!
I'm not selling these to overseas customers because I don't think Customs would appreciate the whole plant material (twig) thing!
I know you have seen some of these in a previous post but I think they are worth sharing again.
So do you love pears as much as I do?
I'm going outside to sit in the sun now because it's got to be warmer than sitting in front of this computer! The kids and I might even have a picnic for morning tea!
Enjoy your day!


Posie Patchwork said...

Can you PLEASE send some of them in for Shop Handmade??!! Gorgeous work, just stunning, love Posie

Rosalind said...

LOVE them! Your photos turned out nicely x Hope you enjoyed your morning tea.

Steph said...

They are just so lovely!! Photos are great too...I keep putting off that very task too. Enjoy your week :)

Corrie said...

oh aren't they beautiful! so pretty and your photos are gorgeous

well done

Michelle Walker said...

Ooo what amazing little trinkets...great idea!!