April 23, 2010

My Creative Space.......

.....a day late! Oooops!

So yesterday afternoon was spent cutting and stamping letters on some linen. I had to get serious and use a pair of garden clippers /cutters or whatever they're called to help me with this little project.
I finished one set a little while ago and I L-oV-e the result. I'll have the rest finished tomorrow....fingers crossed.
I think these creations will be destined for Shop Handmade, then I might make a few more to list in my Etsy store.
If you want to see more creative spaces head on over to kootoyoo and say hello.

Thanks for all your well wishes for Megan and her new school. She has made a bunch of friends and has settled in to her new class beautifully.


Kerry said...

That is fabulous. I love pears..no pun intended!

Little Ted Canvas said...

They are wonderful!! The twig is a brilliant idea, love it!

Rosalind said...

oh my goodness they are fabulous! I love pears. Great work!!

Steph said...

Oh Brenda, I am so going to need some of those too!!! Can't wait til you list them. Lovely to hear your daughter went so well :)