April 30, 2010

My Journals are done!

I finished a few of my pear journals and I'm super pleased with the way they turned out, I found it a bit of a struggle packing these goodies up and not keeping atleast one for myself!
I've already cut out a few more covers to get started on over the weekend........one of which will BE MINE!!! 
I think one of these would make the perfect gift for Mother's Day!

I wonder what I'm going to get for Mother's Day?

Have you visited the Shop Handmade blog lately? If you haven't you should!
I know I could do some serious damage on the card if I was let loose in this shop.
These divine hairbands and clips were made by Rosalind over at Grace Designs.
I have one of these stunnig tea towels hanging in my dining room, you can get one at Shop Handmade or on line over at Yardage Design. Nic has some beautiful new fabric prints all her own design....simply amazing! Oh, and it's her birthday!
There is alot going on around here at the moment, life just seems to get busier by the minute, I'm sure we'll come the other end of it all wondering how we ever managed.

How is your day going?

PS. I just changed some of the settings in Blogger and it's driving me mad, so this post is a bit wonky......this will take some getting used to!


Little Ted Canvas said...

They look amazing! I love the colours you've used, and that stitching of course!

Rosalind said...

Oh thanks for including my hair goodies. I actually bought a lovely cream wire cupcake stand this morning and took it in, the pretty pinks and creams look so much better now than flat on that tray! The journals look fabulous.

Kerry said...

OK, that's it. I must make time to visit the shop tomorrow!

JannaScraps said...

Brenda! Loving everything here! The pears are TOO SWEET! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! The idea of the handmade shoppe is awesome. I would give to open one myself! How wonderful for you to be involved-- you are SO talented! ENjoy!

Jackie / Kate said...

I absolutely LOVE those journals !!!! Just gorgeous !!! You clever Sod xx

Julie said...

Brenda, they look fantastic! No wonder you want to keep some :)

I know what you mean about itcky fingers, I was like that all through school and still am! lol

Hope your weekend is a creative and slow one :)

Tania McCartney said...

Brenda, I just have to tell you that your pears are virtually gone, if not gone - they were evaporating at Shop today. They are divine and you must make your fingers bleed to make more because the staff also want to buy them!!!!

The style and quality of your work astounds me. Did you see my pick of the month on the Shop blog? Your pin cushion owl.

Please apply for handmade living.