May 5, 2010

Busy Week!

It feels like I haven't had a full day at home to get things done like a bit of sewing and the dreaded domestics for a week or more. There has been a few things that I needed to attend at school, our local show was on , Ryan's first game of Rugby for the season......which happened to be a 2 hour drive away! I did however take a little box of things I'd been working on to do in the car, not the most ideal place but hey it's about the only time I get to sit still lately!
Lately I've had a few enquiries about these lovely cupcakes .......
and a few people asking me about my Tea Sets. So I think I'll try and make the time to get back into a few and list them in the Etsy Store, or you can just email me if you like! There is a huge amount of work that goes into making both the tea sets and the cupcakes and if I charged for my time......well lets just say I'd don't think I'd be selling many! So the Tea Sets are $55 and the cupcakes are $5 each, keep in mind that these are unlike your store bought tea sets, they make the perfect gift if you are looking for something special.

I have to go now........I'm going to give my new glue gun a bit of a go!

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