June 29, 2010

Stating the obvious..........

This is a set of custom pears for a lovely lady in Tasmania. You might be asking why I did the "A" in upper case and not lower case.........I thought it needed some height. Not sure if I should to the middle pear again with a little "a", what do you think?
The last few days I've been busy boxing up orders, I like this part because it means I can move onto something else a little creative.
You might be able to notice that the orders are wrapped in a dress pattern, the tissue is perfect, something a little different and totally me. Sometimes our local dress fabric shop marks down a whole bunch of patterns, the tissue paper inside makes great and unusual wrap.........it makes for good recycling also.
I'm hoping to get a whole lot of sewing done this week........the school holidays start this weekend and I want to make sure I have plenty of time to spend with my little darlings, one of which is turning 8 next Tuesday.......and I have a big surprise to organise for her, I know she'll love it.
Hope you had a happy day!


Little Ted Canvas said...

I like the capital A it works well!

Rosie said...

I like it too! What a brilliant idea to use old patterns to wrap up parcels....ingenious! x