July 6, 2010

Eight Years Old!

This morning while everyone I know was snuggled up in bed Mark and I were out trying to set up a trampoline in the rain.....all part of a day full of surprises for Megan on her 8th birthday.

I told her we had to go to town and get her other surprise because I couldn't wrap it, she was sure as anything that she was getting a horse.....even after I told her numerous times that it wasn't going to happen until we move.
So the next surprise was a trip to the local saddlery to get fitted for a new helmet..............ready for her first official riding lesson with Trish ( teacher ) and Rosie ( horse ).
This is something she has been busting to do for a long time, she is so enjoying herself.....can't wipe the smile off her face!
I think this young man wants a ride on Rosie next time we go for a lesson.
She did so well, even went for a little trot.
Rosie is such a beautiful horse, very placid and great with the kids, the kind of horse that is hard to come by.
So now Megan is hooked and we have already booked in for our next lesson. I thought this was the better way to go ( doing lessons ) because even though I grew up riding horses I don't think I would have the patients that Trish has.......she is so lovely and explains everything she thinks Megan might need to know.
After the lesson we picked up Megan's little friend for a sleepover........they have not stopped screaming and giggling, it's going to be a long night.
Call back tomorrow as I'll be able to share the end result of the big birthday cake which I made earlier today.........we are all looking forward to a big chunk of it after dinner tonight, Yummo!!!


Jodi said...

Oh meagan!
What a lucky girl you are!!!!

Hope your birthday was wonderful!!!

Love Jodi XX

by marie-nicole said...

Sounds like a day full of dreams coming true for an eight year old. Congrats to you for making her day so wonderfully special.

Little Ted Canvas said...

What a great birthday! She sure does look like a natural on the horse. I hope it's a great night & you all manage to get some sleep...

passion4pink said...

Happy Birthday to Megan. Can't wait to see that cake

Anonymous said...

wow looks like she had a great day you will have to pass on trish's number cause one day my girls will want horses ! eekkkk :) and lessons is a good start
that cake was stunning and so different well done