July 5, 2010

Special Order.......

for a Lime Belt.
The fabric used in this belt is a Tanya Whelan fabric and it would have to be one of my all time favourites ( I love anything with a bit of damask).......it comes in a few different colours, some which I'm turning into kids belts.
I'm on cake duty this afternoon.......it has to be something grand according to Megan, something like this.............minus the 70 on top.
She would prefer I got this character Duff Goldman from Charm City Cakes to do the job.......I told her that I didn't think he could ship it overseas for us, it's just not going to happen.......so she is going to have to settle for some homemade creation by mum!
We all love sitting up and watching Ace of Cakes, this man is so clever as are all his staff members.
If you want to see some cake disasters check this out, if you want to get a little inspiration go here.
There goes the buzzer, cake number one needs to come out of the oven......hope it all works out and isn't a huge flop.......wish me luck!

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Sally said...

Such a lovely belt. Gorgeous :)