July 18, 2010

Last day of school holidays.

I have mixed emotions about today being the last day of the school holidays, on one hand I know I'll be able to dive into my sewing again and have a coffee with a few special friends. On the other hand there will be no more of this...........
heading down to our farm and checking the cattle, lighting a few fires to clean up a bit, watching 30 kangaroos bound across the top paddock.
Witnessing the birth of a new calf.
Generally just watching the kids having the time of their lives.....
out in the open air, running and exploring.
We won't be able to have a big relaxed cook-up for lunch for a while.........
or be able to spend the afternoon climbing trees.
No none of that, it's going to be routine, early mornings, homework and after school activities, and our weekends will be spent at the Rugby with Ryan, all until the next break!
So wherever you are I hope you enjoyed the holidays with your family, and good luck trying to get the kids out of bed early tomorrow morning.......I know I'm going to need it!


by marie-nicole said...

Sounds like you've had a wonderful time together over the school holidays.

Good luck with the early starts this week!

School does not go back until next week for us, but my husband goes back tomorrow... the early start for him will be a challenge too.

Cotton Kiwi said...

What a wonderful place you are bringing your children up in. How magical to spend their holiday's watching baby cows being born, climbing trees and eating food cooked on an open fire. Lovely!

karlyn Jackson said...

oh what a beautiful break you have had with your children. My boys would Loooooove all of this, they are such county folk at heart and love the outdoors. Good luck tomorrow, I, myself am not looking forward to the early morning out the door.

Penny said...

I know exactly what you mean Brenda! I still have one more day ("pupil-free" day tomorrow)...thanks for reminding me to make the most of it.
Lovely pics, and isn't it nice to see the paddocks green again?

Anonymous said...

yep i loved the sleep ins and the non routine too!
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