October 15, 2010

Blogtoberfest day 15.

Can you believe we're up to day 15 already! This could be some sort of hump day for the month!

Today because it's raining outside I'm going to share something with a little sunshine in the background. I made these little fabric boxes last week, I think the highlight for me was using some of the Aunty Cookie fabric as applique on the front!

These fabric boxes are approx. 15cm square and I'm beginning to think that they might be a little too big.........standing them up filled with goodies isn't a problem, but when they're empty they tend to be a bit floppy! If anyone has any ideas please let me know.......I'd really appreciate it! Now for two very excited little kids, they went to their first Little Athletics meet on Wednesday and had the best time ever! It looks like this might be something the kids want to do as seriously as some of the other kids.......Megan is quite the little sprinter/runner, and Ryan is a bit of an all-rounder. The meets run into the evening so the club puts on a BBQ for dinner.......there's nothing worse than getting home late then having to cook so that's a winner for me! I was going to shoot across to Tamworth yesterday afternoon and pick up a few badly needed supplies but something came over me and I felt awfully sick, so that's where I'm off to this morning after I get a coffee to go.

Thanks for stopping by.


Chantal said...

How about plastic canvas in two or even all four sides?

So great that your kids love little athletics (and fantastic that they both want to do the same sport at the same venue!)

Luvvie said...

Hey Brenda

I just love those bags - they look great!

Little Ted Canvas said...

I can not believe we are already half way through october! look at those cute little athletes, well done to them! Those bags are beautiful, I hope you feel better & have a great weekend!

by marie-nicole said...

The fabric boxes look gorgeous. Have you put a stiffener in them? There's a mesh that I bought a couple years back when I attempted making fabric market bags and I've forgotten what it was called but it's used by milliner's. I am sure I just bought it from Spotlight.

Your children look adorable and very excited indeed.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh it's raining here so i have a Little Athletics weekend off. They've done it since Tiny Tots but i did prefer the weeknight version with BBQ dinner than Saturday mornings. This is our 4th club as we keep moving states & territories. Love Posie

Mystica said...

The boxes/bags look great.