October 1, 2010

Day 1 of Blogtoberfest!

While I was pretending to be my husband's assistant yesterday afternoon I was doing a little blog surfing and I gave tinniegirl a visit, just in time to find out that Blogtoberfest was about to start. Last year I discovered it half way through the month and was quite disappointed that I had missed out! I immediately signed up and now I have a whole month of daily blog posting ahead..........I'm looking forward to this challenge.

So here we are with my craft on the go!
I'm sure some people don't quite understand why I do the things I do, like take some hand stitching along with me to the pool while the kids play instead of a book or a magazine to read.
I don't think that spending time with the kids is time wasted......in fact it is the best time spent! I do think that sitting beside the pool for 3 hours eating chips and rubbish from the canteen is wasted time. I prefer to take along a bit of hand stitching and be a little productive if I can, it also stops me from visiting the yucky canteen......which is a good thing!
I do sometimes swim with the kids, but this time of year is still a bit on the cold side for me!
Ryan and Megan didn't seem to mind the cold until they got out in the fresh air.....brrrr! We all had a great time and I only got a few strange looks, looks from people who just don't quite get me........maybe they're the strange ones!
Thanks for visiting!


Luvvie said...

Hey Brenda

Thanks for commenting on my blog...I stopped by your blog last night and just loved your little birds. Do you know, one of the happiest times of my life was being beside the pool when the kids were learning to swim at John Carew Swim School? I don't know why but I used to become very emotional at that time....water, splashing, happy laughter, people encouraging other people....quite extraordinary stuff.....

bec said...

I get lots of strange looks and comments from people as I craft everywhere too- I love the 'you're so clever' (not really, just dedicated) and 'I can't even sew a button (maybe you should try once in a while). Some can sound downright rude! If I saw you at the pool, we would be instant friends!

Chantal said...

Yep, THEY are the strange ones. I know at least 20 people who would have been ooh and ahhing about what's in that craft container, and then quite possibly taking a seat next to you and bringing out their own portable craft projects.