October 2, 2010

Clearly I have a problem!

Is there such a thing as "AA" for people who don't have the ability to walk past a fabric shop with out buying something? Maybe we could call it "FA" for fabric addicts!

Yesterday I took the kids to see Legend of the Guardian in Tamworth, afterwards I had an urge to go down town and have a look around .........knowing that at some point I'd have to walk past a fabric shop! I feel compelled to walk in and touch and examine all that I can, all the while thinking.........Oh I love this! What could I make out of this? Oh this looks fantastic with this! Meanwhile the kids are rolling their eyes.......well at least Ryan is, Megan has found a cave under a pile of fabric rolls and has made camp!

So here is the latest addition to my fabric stash, and here is what they are from top to bottom.
Ticking ( so gorgeous it matches beautifully with linen ), Linen, more Ticking ( can't ever have enough of something you love ), and finally the bottom one is Matka Silk ( so beautifully soft you could sleep on it).
I think I was more excited than the kids about going to see this movie.....can you guess why?
Oh the owls! Beautiful beautiful owls! It was an extra surprise to find out that it was one of those 3D movies as well, don't the kids look excited?
I highly recommend this movie for both young and old, I think I might even have to go back and see it again.
See you all tomorrow!


Gifts of Serendipity said...

Thank you for the 'heads up' about the movie, I LOVE owls too and it looks like something we could all enjoy as a family.

As for your FA, well I for one say keep it up because it results in such beautiful little birdies.

x Felicity

ZippyZippy said...

Hi FA members. My name is Jacqueline and I am a fabric addict. I like to swap it for money, touch it, play with it, look at it,google it and sew it :)
Nice additions to your stash!

Jackie / Kate said...

Hi, my name is Brenda and I'm addicted to Fabric !!! (love it)

That movie sounds fab - I will have to take the kids.

Posie Patchwork said...

OH we did the movies too, 'twas raining in old Sydney town, so we skipped the beach (our children will swim in any temperatures) & saw Despicable Me, lots of fun but at $79, OUCH!! Love that you have a fabric addiction, just like you & i have Craft ADD, you should see how much hand sewing i did in the car on the trip home to Canberra. Oh, so happy to have my husband back, love Posie

designed to a T said...

Hi Brenda and fellow FA. My turn...My name is Terese and I am a fabric addict.

Latest trip to Spotlight...$86 and 1 hr later.....and that was a quick shop! I love it so much I had to do an 'Admit it...I am a Fabric Addict' button and a post.

Ticking is my fav. I used it in my latest cushion.


You can get my button from my blog, if you want...Terese