October 11, 2010

Monday Morning.

School holidays are over......for one of the kids anyway. Megan goes back Tuesday. So even though I've been waking up nice and early throughout the holidays I found it a bit hard getting up this morning.........I didn't wake with as much energy as I usually do! Megan had a friend over to play yesterday and I was showing her how to thread a needle ( I can't imagine not teaching my children ) and she coughed and spluttered all over me! Yuk Yuk Yuk!!!! That might be the reason I feel the way I do!

Later on today I'm going to play with some of this gorgeous Aunty Cookie fabric I bought last week. I have plans to put a bit of it on all sorts of things for my market stall.
I know you are all going to miss the kids today, but don't stress you get them back at 3pm!


Gifts of Serendipity said...

Hey Brenda,

For future reference when you're in the presence of a 'splutterer' grab yourself a healthy dose of Olive Leaf and your body will be good as gold.

x Felicity

Jodi said...

Dont get too sick to miss our craft day!!!

Anonymous said...

ugh i feel the same sweets Amelia has been sick for weeks and has passed her germs to me it is awful i never get sick UGHHHHHHHH!!!mo

passion4pink said...

oooooh I like this!I know some 20 year olds that would love something covered in this!