October 6, 2010

My must haves! Blogtoberfest day 6.

Yesterday while having a look around my messy desk ( which by the way is still messy ) a few key items stood out to me, things I use on a daily basis, items I can't be creative without, things that must be at arms reach.

So today I'm going to share some of the things I must have on my desk because I need/use them every day.

Firstly is my roll of Vliesofix, I bought a roll which is only 30cm wide so it would be small enough to fit into my small space and if needed stand on my desk. I use it everyday, love this stuff!!!
Air Erasable Pen, great for tracing out all your patterns. I got caught on a weekend once when my pen ran out!!! OMG I nearly had a meltdown so now I always keep two on the go!
Scissors, you can never have enough! I'm quite anal about my scissors and the kids know not to touch......EVER!!! I have a pair of scissors for different jobs like, obviously the paper ones, scissors which I only use on Felt, fabric scissors, scissors for cutting my vliesofix, miscellaneous scissors and little ones everywhere for cutting threads. There are also some pinking shears and yes that is a pair of garden clippers......I use them for the stems on the pears!
Finally is upholstery weight thread........so super strong! I use this stuff for sewing on buttons and all sorts of things. It's a great time saver because you only have to do a couple of stitches and you know that it's not going to go anywhere.
What are the things you use on a daily basis?
Thanks for stopping by.


Gifts of Serendipity said...


Super fine roller ball pen.

Super fine lead pencil

Sharp scissors.

It's been a while since I've 'crafted' and the idea that you can get vliesofix in a roll was a revelation. I remember have huge sheets that were very unwieldy and lots of waste.

Can you recommend a brand of pinking shears, somehow my have gone walking [actually that's a fun image] and I'd like to know what you use.

Enjoy your day!

x Felicity

Chantal said...

I'm definitely a scissors gal too. I always like to have a pair on hand, although feel a little indulgent when I think back to my Mum saying "NOT THE GOOD PAIR!" when I was using her only pair of fabric scissors for cutting paper when I was a little girl.

That's very funny that you use your gardening clippers for the pair stems - such authenticity in their creation!

Ditto for the brand of pinking shears recommnedation...I need a pair too!

karlyn Jackson said...

I must get myself some of those pens! BTW I was out shopping in Wagga yesterday and spotted some of your pears and owls at Vintage Stash, gorgeous shop I must say?

Little Ted Canvas said...

LOVE your thread picture, gorgeous neutrals. My scissors are used every day, arylic vanish, sandpaper, twine & glue gun..all essentials...and the camera of course!

Jodi said...

mmm very interesting!!!
Scissors are mine too and i so wish i was anal about it!! Mine always go missing!!!!

Sally said...

Mmmm... loving all your supplies... can you tell me more about Vliesofix???

Sally said...

Ooo... don't worry I just googled Vliesofix... got it!

by marie-nicole said...

It's fascinating reading what others depend on, on a daily basis.

Thanks for sharing!

I don't know where I would be without my:

scizzors & blades

pencils & journal

fabric stash

thread & needles

AND my phone/diary alerts to keep me on track and stop me from being way laid everyday!!!

Have a fantastic evening.

Gifts of Serendipity said...

Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving the details re: pinking shears, looked at Spotlight but they didn't look like they were the best quality so will try a smaller haberdashery.

x Felicity