October 5, 2010

Waiting for Wings! Day 5 Blogtoberfest!

I had always planned on turning some of these cute little owls into hanging ornaments for the big tree.....I just needed to find the perfect string to hang them with. So now it's all system go on the "miniature hanging owls" to hang on your tree front.

These little owls looked so cute all lined up waiting for their wings........don't mind the messy desk in the background. If I had enough room to be able to put everything away believe me I would. At the moment I've taken over a small corner in my bedroom, the dining table and some of the lounge room........not the most ideal of spaces but I'm happy to do it for now because I know things are going to change!
We now have a driveway!
I think after I finish a few things that must be in the post today I'm going to try and tidy up a bit, rearrange the piles of fabric and empty the bin so I can start nice and fresh tomorrow!
What are you working on today?
See you all tomorrow for more blogtoberfest.


sue said...

They are indeed very sweet - even wingless! Congrats on gaining a driveway - as a country gal I totally get it!

Jackie / Kate said...

These are sooooo cute, if you have some spare can you please save me 2mini owls and 2 mini birds for my tree ?? Thanks xx

Lauren said...

oh the little owls are so sweet! and the little birdy ones from the post before! wonderful...and organised!
Happy Blogtoberfest!