December 7, 2010

Big Weekend.

Yesterday was spent making some more JOY pears and pricing some owls ready for posting to Shop Handmade. I have a huge order to complete today ( 30 owls ) and then I'll get stuck back into more goodies for Shop.
Even though I had another great weekend with the markets I'm totally finished with them for the year, I think Shop Handmade and on-line sales will keep me busy enough for the next few weeks. Actually I'm looking forward to slowing the pace a bit, I'm not going to stop sewing just slow it down...........I'm a bit over the 12 - 14 hour days.

I came home with a big box full of these beautiful Agave's, now I have to find about 15 big pots to put them in and try not to kill them in the process.
I did a big shop yesterday just incase the water goes over the road and we can't get through, all the rivers around us a flooded in a big way ( Peel, Namoi, Mooki ) and there is simply no where esle for the water to go, with more big rain on the way tomorrow who knows what will happen!

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by marie-nicole said...

It sure sounds like you deserve a well earned break.

Stay dry, safe and enjoy slowing down the pace a bit.

Little Ted Canvas said...

All the rain is just incredible! We haven't had much at all, but just keep being told to expect it, it's really quite worrying..I bet it will be nice to take things a little easier now, those are some big days you've been putting in!

Anonymous said...

I bet you are Glad its nice and dry today :)
Glad you did well at the markets
See you soon x

Yana said...

those owls look so nice all together! i'm putting up my tree today and can't wait to hand my little owl on it :)