December 27, 2010

A Merry Christmas was had by all.

For me the best thing about christmas is the look of surprise and total excitement on the kids faces as they discover presents which have appeared under the tree overnight, and the sparkle and joy on their faces as they open each and every one!
This big boy was super impressed when he opened this.........
As was Megan when she opened hers......
I just had to share this picture........this is the kind of picture you get when you interrupt someone for a nice christmas shot who is having the best time ever with her new toys and doesn't want to be bothered. It was all a bit funny I thought.
Santa bought the kids scooters this year so after a massive lunch and a little rest to recover we went and found a bike path....... we only have paddocks and rocks at our house for the kids to scoot up and down on, until our slab is poured that is!
They went up and back trying to do little jumpy skip things on them for quite some time. Megan skipped a little too hard and fell......she got a bit of a sore wrist out of it, so I had to put a bandage on it to fix it all up!
Ryan had a fun time, it was like he had owned a scooter all along and knew exactly how to do little jumps and things.
Overall we had two very happy little kids, Megan could hardly contain her christmas excitement......

and Ryan he's too cool to look as excited as Megan!
The kids also got and iPod each and because I'm technically challenged and have not idea about these things ( it doesn't help when the dick at Harvey Norman sells you the wrong charger ), I told the kids they'll have to wait until I hunt down my little IT expert Sarah, she can sort it all out for us super quick and easy I'm sure! They didn't mind having to wait which is so nice of them, if it were me I'd probably chuck a tantrum! Just kidding!
I hope you all had had a fantastic day filled with laughter, good food and family .......just like ours was!


Posie Patchwork said...

Hi Brenda, OMG, could you please provide more details on Ryan's Halo toy, my son & husband can't decide if it's a toy, Lego or what!! Sorry about the iPod charger, like someone over 30 who doesn't care - would have a clue!! I have an iPod, the children programme it, charge it, use it for me, it's simple!!
Have some of your love hearts on my blog post today, we ended up with 4 of the beauties, they now each hang with the Babushkas. Ahhh, Red Stitch Designs everywhere. Get sewing, you're pretty empty at Shop Handmade, love Posie

ZippyZippy said...

Sounds like a lovely day, but for the dick who sold you the wrong charger! What patient littles you have. Enjoy the rest of your week.