December 30, 2010

Miniature Mushrooms.

I'm finding it hard to keep the "need to sew" switch turned off. I'm not the kind of person who can sit on a sofa and just watch a movie without doing something with my hands, it drives me totally nuts. By Boxing day I'd had enough, I must have gone atleast 10 days without sewing a single stitch and I was having serious withdrawals! The kids were playing a game and my husband was watching the cricket ( blah! couldn't think of anything worse ) so I decided to make something sweet to go underneath the tree on Megan's bedside table.
These cute miniature mushrooms were alot of fun to make and Megan loves them!
She has a big mushroom stool ( seat ) in her room and when I have the time I'm going to make her some much larger ones off a pattern I purchased from Sarah at Gifts Created.
Having a room filled with fungi sounds weird...........but it's going to look pretty!


Natalie Elphinstone said...

No it doesn't sound weird!!! I love this! So gorgeous, all of it :-)

Mary said...

The mushrooms look very cute under that tree. I made some similar mushrooms for my daughter's "enchanted forest" themed party earlier this year. Perhaps your daughter would like a terrarium as well, with mini toadstools. You can see what I mean at my blog, you will need to look back to a post in September. The terrariums turned out very sweet looking.

Posie Patchwork said...

Totally understand the toadstool love & hey, you have sewing for Shop Handmade, so get busy. Kind of freaking out they reopen in just days now, argh!!
Wishing you a lovely last day & a bit of your extremely successful, wonderful & busy 2010. Love Posie