January 16, 2011

Flood Relief at Shop Handmade

For the month of January myself and a number of other designers at Shop Handmade will be donating 10% of our sales to the Flood Relief Appeal.
The lovely Julie and Rachel have decided to match money raised dollar-for-dollar.
I have never seen such devastation and hope to never see it again! If we all get together and do something, no matter how big or small, we can make a difference in helping to re-build these peoples lives.
I can't think of a better reason to go shopping for something lovely and handmade, can you?
So head on in to Shop and the gorgeous Julie, Rachel and Jennie will be able to let you know which designers are participating in this fabulous cause.
We have friends in Brisbane which have lost everything, their beautiful homes and it's contents. We also have a business in Goondiwindi which came close to going under but thankfully was spared.........some other homes in the outer lying areas weren't so lucky!
We have all been touched in one way or another........so get on board people and participate in some fantastic fundraisers that are happening Flood Relief at Shop Handmade and the QLD Flood Appeal Auctions........Thanks!


Posie Patchwork said...

Yay for our beautiful Shop Handmade as an outlet for amazing things. Love Posie (or for those of you who come into the Shop, 'Jennie')

Roundabout said...

Such a great thing! I will spread the word. Handmade & shopping for a cause....even better.

TammyJ said...

I bought your pears! Yay . the very ones in this pic perhaps, they are the same colours and I purchased them at shop last week. They are gorgeous thanks you. I'll blog them today or tomorrow : )

TammyJ said...

Silly me ... mine say Home! not love. *blush* Obviously not the same ones. lol