January 18, 2011

Sunday afternoon.

After finding ourselves glued to the box for the past week, and after a quick trip to Orange to see my parents, Sunday afternoon we were determined to have some fun and relaxation.

We have a special fishing spot we like to go to on the Namoi River further up in the hills behind Manilla.......it takes about an hour to get there from where we live (which happens to be along the same river ) but it is well worth the trip!

The afternoon was spent splashing, swimming and playing along the waters edge. Ryan found that it was much more relaxing if he sat in the water and waited for the big catch to come along, while Megan built a dam to house a few yabbies! Megan is usually not the type of person you want to take along when you want to go fishing! She is loud, always splashing in the water, throwing rocks trying to make you think that the fish are jumping out of the water, generally the fish clear out when Megan is around! She did do all of the above but after a while she sat in the water on her chair and waited. This time her patients paid off! She was the first one to catch a fish........a Murray Cod. She was so excited, she screamed, jumped and was more than happy to pose for a shot with her big catch!

I wasn't log before my big boy Ryan was in battle with something on the end of his line as well. He was a little annoyed that Megan got the first Murray Cod but was more than happy when he caught the biggest!
Just so you know we released both fish, neither of our catches were big enough for the dinner table.......maybe next time!

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mel @ loved said...

How much fun!! Nothing like a fishing trip for a little family time & relaxation, looks like a great day.