January 19, 2011

New project for 2011

This year I have many things I would like to accomplish and one of those things on my list is to make Megan a beautiful big patchwork quilt for her new room!
I've been keeping an eye out for some fabric for a while and when I came across this range by Riley Blake I fell in love with the colours.
Not knowing how much fabric I needed to make a decent sized quilt because  (I've never done one of these before ) I took a stab in the dark and just ordered a bit of this and a bit more of that.........I ended up with 9 yards in total. 
I was so pleased when they arrived in the post and all the colours were as beautiful as they looked on the computer screen.
 It all started a few months back while I was having a look around in my local fabric store ( adding to my ever growing stash ) I noticed this quilt on the bench.
 This quilt was made by a local lady, she had taken it into the shop for a bit of show and tell. I took a picture of it for later reference, for when I found the perfect fabric.
I've since bought the pattern and I'm almost good to go......though I think I might have to add in  few solid colours to break it up a bit. 
It hard to concentrate with the kids home through the holidays so I thought I might wait until the kids go back to school so I can go to a class and learn how to do it properly, but it's driving me crazy looking at my new project and not being able to start.  
I'm totally inspired by all the quilt blogs out there, these people are so clever and they can whip up a gorgeous quilt in no time at all.......many of these clever people are participating in  Quilts for Queensland organised by the lovely Corrie over at Retro Mummy. Well worth a look!

That's all I have time for today,
Thanks for stopping by.


Felicity said...

I can't wait to see the finished product because these are some of the most delicious fabrics I've laid my eyes on in an age!

Felicity x

Renae said...

Wow! It's going to look amazing!

mel @ loved said...

It will be quite amazing! I so admire you for giving it a go. I've attempted a basic version several times & can never get past the positioning of colours & patterns stage! Good luck, I just know you will do a beautiful job & those fabrics are gorgeous!

Steam said...

Really nice, i will not more time to get it.

Katie said...

LOVE the fabric you have chosen. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I made my first quilt last year (for my daughter). Will be back to visit your blog again when I have some more time - it looks like you have lots of yummy things on here x