January 25, 2011

Starting Fresh!

After the whole Hugh Hefner episode I felt I needed to start fresh, de-clutter my work area. I had such a mess I didn't know what I had stashed away in bags ( I hadn't even opened ), in baskets under the bed, even in my bedside cupboard...............basically it was driving me insane!!!

I took a deep breath and started one piece of fabric at a time. The big pieces of fabric were all folded neatly and stored in huge baskets, all the smaller pieces ( .5 and 1.5m ) were all put in pigeon holes up on my tallboy, and all the little bits were placed in containers and put away.......any bolts of fabric were put up out of the way instead of beside my bedside cupboard.
It took all day but it feels amazing to have it all done, it makes me smile when I'm sitting at my sewing machine and I look up and see everything so neat and colourful. aaaahhhh!
The fabric up in the top left hand corner was bought months back, it was going to be a gift for a friend who had a baby boy.......well things kinda got real busy towards the end of last year and I had to resort to a bought gift because I simply didn't have the time. Yesterday I decided to make it up into a small quilt.........I should have some pictures later in the week to share so make sure you visit again to check it out.

bye for now


Jodie said...

Wow, that is an amazing fabric stash! It looks great stored like that too!

mel @ loved said...

Perfectly orderly & colourful, I love it! It does feel so good when you have a good tidy up..

Jessica said...

That looks great! And really inspiring!

Roundabout said...

I'm still tring to get organized in my craft room & that photo has made me really wanting to finish my organizing!!

The Clip Cafe said...

Sigh that is lovely!