February 1, 2011

Another hot day!

I don't quite understand the thinking behind the big man sitting behind a desk in his air-conditioned office at Country Energy, why you ask.........because today will be my second day without power! Yes I came home yesterday after dropping the kids off for their first day of school.........I was really looking forward to a quite house, cup of coffee and maybe a bit of sewing. What I got was hot house, no water, no power. Why when they know what temperatures we are dealing with do they do this? It's virtually impossibly to cool the house down once the power comes back on at 4pm, the air is just too hot and it stinks!
 So today I'm packing up my bunnies and we're going to find some place nice and cool.
 I just thought I'd share these two pictures I took over the weekend.........they are of a Centre Pivot not far from my house..........it looks nice and cool doesn't it?
 Imagine running through this giant sprinkler!
Just in case you were wondering........this is one of my husbands pivots!

Have a happy cool day!


mel @ loved said...

Nice plan...and you SHOULD run through those sprinklers!

Becky said...

Hope you have a cool place in mind. I think today is going to be warm too :(

Posie Patchwork said...

How cute are the bunnies & their 'parts'.
Oh we need an irrigator here to water the children, with no AC or fans or a pool, boy will we build a house to rectify this hot Canberra situation!! It's so hot i can't even sew, that's annoying with a market looming. Love Posie

Gifts Created said...

You poor thing hope you found some where cool to finish thoes bunny cuties just love them.

Vegas Wedding Photographer - FogartyFOTO said...

I see such divots being beautiful at dawn or the evening magic hour - but you stopped your car and captured it. Thank you.