January 30, 2011

Rabbit softie.....take two!

The past few days have been so hot at my house, the mercury hit a lovely 39 degrees in my living room a few days straight..........the air felt hot to breathe, it was simply disgusting! I didn't feel creative at all!! This time next year will be a different story, I can't wait to be in a house which has insulation and doesn't feel like a hot box!
So yesterday was a nice surprise, it was cool and fresh with a nice breeze........perfect! I instantly felt inspired to make something..........take two on the rabbit softie!
I made just a handful of these rabbits last year, this time around I thought I might use the same pattern.......just change things slightly!
 These colours are quite girly but I assure you the next round will be for the little man...........I had an idea in my dreams last night and I'd like to give it a try on the boy rabbits before I reveal, just in case it looks like it has no business being there.
 On to a totally different subject, a while back I made 40 of these gorgeous little owls for a lovely lady, they are being used as favours on the tables at a christening today. She has put ribbon and tulle holding sugar almonds on them......here they are all boxed up ready to go! I love it when someone so sweet takes the time to show me things like this............thanks Helena!
Have a lovely Sunday....I'm going to have a coffee then get the kids uniforms ready for tomorrow!


Felicity said...

If only our own parliamentarians could be as sweet as this parliament of baby owls.

x Felicity

mel @ loved said...

They all look so pretty there together, what a sweet idea for a christening. I can't wait to see your bunnies all finished that is a very cute rabbit face you're showing there. Enjoy your coffee, & the slightly cooler weather. We're heded for 41 here today, and to think I've been crocheting scalves this week!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a cever lass you are! And I kinda wish I was going to that baby shower :)
Soooo cute!