February 19, 2011


I was on my way home after cricket with Ryan this morning when I received a text from Jacki telling of a fantastic garage sale! My eyes widened at the thought of old suitcases, sewing machines and all sorts of goodies. I did buy a few goodies all of which I'll show later but today I want to share these pictures of Megan. She bought two balls of wool for 50c and asked if I could show her again how to knit! I have tried this before but she was lacking in something called patience, so we gave up!
I don't know where she has been hiding her patience, I didn't think she would ever find it but this afternoon it all came together and she has been knitting for hours.
 I only spent about five minutes showing her what to do and left her to it, surprisingly she has only dropped a stitch once and that's it!
Thank you patience for finding my daughter, hope you stick around!


Maxabella said...

And so a lifelong love affair begins with a stitch... x

Becky said...

I love knitting and only found patience to learn when I turned 30!

mel @ loved said...

Look at your gorgeous, clever girl. This is such a great way for her to unwind & relax a little too, the perfect hobbby! Your bunnies are so adorable, you have completely nailed them after you were so worried about the first attempt & they look fantastic all gathered around on your header..x

Tamara said...

Oh God bless her! Looks like she might be crafty like her Mum huh!