February 22, 2011

Perfect morning for working on my quilt!

Yesterday I had to collect Megan from school early as she wasn't feeling very well, when I spoke to Megan's teacher she suggested that I might want to keep her home today as well. So because we were having a quiet morning and didn't have to go into town ( Mark took Ryan to school ) I took the opportunity to join up the rest of Megan's quilt.
 Megan came into the room and set up a drawing station, she is working on some artwork she can sell to her brother and father when they get home. It was so nice and relaxing, no TV just the two of us chatting away for a few hours.
I knew the quilt was too big in the beginning so I reduced the size, even after joining it all up I still think it's too big.......as you can see it's only a few inches off the floor on my queen size bed.......Megan only has a double bed and her bed isn't as high off the ground as mine! I think the quick-un-pick might be getting a workout this afternoon.
I'm really pleased with the way it's all coming together, but I have to say that I'm disappointed that I've cut up way more fabric than I needed to, there is almost enough blocks left over ( after I reduced the size the first time ) to make another small quilt!

P.S. The timber shelf thing on my sewing desk was something I picked up at a garage sale on the weekend for a massive $5. I've already cleaned and sanded it ready for a lick of paint.......when I find the time!

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Josie Dean said...

I'd make a smaller quilt that she could have on her while on the couch or something! The material is Just beautiful! a very lucky girl!!
Good bargain too!

Felicity said...

Before admiring your new quilt I was feasting my eyes on the shelf on your desk & then you have to go and tell me it was only $5, that is a fantastic scoop!

As for the quilt, it is the most delightful combination of colours and patterns and will no doubt become an heirloom treasure.

I'm sure you could make some 'bunny' blankets with the spare squares to sell, I know they'd be snapped up.

felicity x

by marie-nicole said...

That desk captured my attention instantly... $5 that's insane... I have a passion of acquiring and refurbishing old furniture.

As for your gorgeous quilt, it looks great. Could you make a patchwork cushion or two with the left overs. Or even a tote bag! I'm sure you'll think of something creative to do with the remaining fabric.

Maxabella said...

I really, really love that quilt. The colours and pattern are lovely. Why don't you make a couple of matching quilted pillow shams with your leftovers?

$5, what a steal! They will be so handy. x

Jodi Dolbel said...

Love it Brenda!!! With the left overs how about a little travel rug she can take with her she goes places and it would be something she can keep and pass on to her kids! And she can use it to sit on the floor while playing, wrap up in when its cold and generally be her play rug! Emelia had one and she still uses it all the time!
Your better than me, i still have to cute more pieces for mine... might do that tomorrow.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh a day home quilting with a not-really-that-sick child, brilliant!! Even better you didn't have to do the morning school run. Joy!! My school run now takes an hour, i'm driving so i can't do car craft, but i do chat to the children. Love Posie

bec said...

I Would unpick say, one side of 'blocks', and use it for a pieced backing. Therefore not wasting blocks, and she can have it reversible. And overhang is always good!

rockmelon said...

i love mornings like that, thanks for sharing!

rockmelon said...