March 28, 2011

Special Order.

I finished the custom order of Pirate bunnies which I did a trial run on last week.

I love them all, each has it's own personality!
 Each of them has a girl too!
My weekend was  bit full on, I had loads of orders to finish........I have made a huge dent in my half finished projects and it feels good to have some space on my desk again.

It won't take me long to clutter it all up again, I think I work best when I have a few different things going at once........keeps my mind ticking, and I can switch projects when it suits.

I'm going to take a week off this week ( hence the rush to get everything done ) as my father has an operation tomorrow and I'd like to be there for a bit of support. I'm leaving the kids with Mark so that should result in some messy pony tails for Megan and a few dodgy looking lunch boxes. I don't know why I'm worried about leaving them for a few days, I know things might not be done as would do them but I know they'll survive.

See you later in the week!


mel @ loved said...

They are all just beautiful! I hope all goes well tomorrow & I'm sure that your gang will be just fine, take care..x

ZippyZippy said...

Those bunnies are too cute!
Hope all goes well with your father - travel safe

koralee said...

These little guys and gals are so so sweet. Love your blog...xooxo

Becky said...

Best wishes for your Dad.