April 4, 2011

Body Parts.

Today after a lovely morning coffee with friends I'm playing with these body parts.
I can't believe that Easter is almost upon us, where has the first term of this year gone? Only one more week and we are back to sleep-ins and kids entertainment on a daily basis.......at least there won't be any homework or ironing of uniforms.

P.S. These body parts are being turned into bunnies for Shop Handmade, if you were wanting a bunny please go to my madeit store in the side bar. If you can't find what you are after just send me an email.

1 comment:

Posie Patchwork said...

Yay, sold 3 more today at Shop Handmade, our lovely Easter front table display keeps being ruined by customers buying your bunnies!! They are so sweet, popular, adorable & hopping out the door. So looking forward to a batch with a touch of something a little extra for my boy?? Oh no, that sounds like a penis, i'll leave it a mystery though, really should just sign off, sorry to bring the cute post down with my behaviour Brenda!! Love Posie