April 6, 2011

Bunnies are hopping out the door!

Lately I've been thinking about bunnies in my sleep, how many I need to do the next day, what colour combinations I need to do, boy or  girl, it never stops!
It's all good though because this is what I love doing, making and creating on a daily basis brings me so much joy.....way better than doing ironing and housework. That will all change in about another six to eight months when we move into our new home which happens to be four times the size of the one we're in now. I'll be anal about how my house is presented .......cleaning the floors alone will be like a major work-out!

Here are some of those body parts turned into boy bunnies, all of which will be arriving at Shop Handmade today!
Do you like the big old wing-back chair they are sitting on? I love it! I found it at a garage sale for $90 and I intend to have it covered in some gorgeous upholstery fabric for the new house.......when I can afford it!
 While away in Orange last week I couldn't help but add to my fabric stash, I totally love the soft tones of the blues and mocha......could be turned into a quilt some day!
 Or maybe the beautiful Autumn tones of these fabrics.....
Either way I think I'm going to have some fun when time permits.


Chantal said...

Your bunnies are looking gorgeous Brenda. I also love the selection of fabrics you've chosen - I always love seeing the colours and prints you put together. They look great together.

Tamara said...

The bunnies are just gorgeous and the fabrics are divine!

Quilting is one thing I have not allowed myself to get into as I would need a whole room to store all the gorgeous fabrics that I would buy!

Have a great week Brenda x

by marie-nicole said...

Cute bunnies Brenda... gorgeous chair and fabric stash too!

How exciting about your moving in to your new home soon!!!